France’s 1st vertical farm

A REAL urban farm that can be adapted to any environment

Why a vertical farm?

The facts speak for themselves; the world population is growing and there is no longer enough farmland to feed everyone.
In 2050, there will be 9 billion people living on the Earth. Our cities will become bigger and bigger and ever more populated. There will be even more climate refugees, and climatic conditions will result in a reduction in the amount of available farmland. Urban farms can provide part of the solution by providing high-quality food, produced by city-dwellers for city dwellers. The strength of our concept lies in its modular system, which can be adapted to any industrial building and to all types of environment. Our tower is no longer simply a project; it has become a reality!

What is the purpose of this tower?

tour vegetale florentaise illustration annelyse

This JARD’INEASY tower, located in Saint-Mars-du-Desert near Nantes, is France’s first vertical farm. It will be completely operational by the end of March 2017. This pilot facility will prove that growing lettuce in a vertical farm in the heart of the city is more economically viable than importing it from neighboring countries.

The purpose of this project is to establish the optimal growth parameters for different edible plants, and lettuce in particular.

With a height of 10 metres and with 10 levels, it is capable of producing around 15,000 heads of lettuce per year. However, its primary purpose is for research. As soon as the first growth parameters have been established, Florentaise will begin to commercialise its vertical farm model. This is expected to happen within two years.


1st vertical farm in France


Production: 15 000 heads of lettuce/year


10 m high and 10 levels

Key facts

Growing surface

Ground space required

Annual production capacity

Thanks to our plant tower, we hope to prove that it is possible to grow plants in pots without natural light and to help develop a circular economy.

Illustration Annelyse

Florentaise provides support to entrepreneurs wishing to create their own vertical farms.

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