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JARD’INPOT®: The first ready-to-germinate, all-in-one product, designed for city-dwellers!

Growing one’s own food is no longer just a hobby; it also feeds mouths.
Consumer trials have proven very promising, and the delights of aromatic plants grown in  JARD’INPOTs have already been experienced by many!

Jard’in Pot

gamme jardin easy

JARD’INPOT is our first “urban garden” product and will available all year round!

– For the same price as a single packet of seeds, you will have 4 different plants.
– A limited number of seeds, appropriate for growing in small spaces.
– A product that offers the benefits of Florentaise’s expertise, with a unique wood-fibre pot, a 100% renewable dry substrate and a fertilser that has been specially formulated to ensure good growth.
– Easy production of young plants, which can then be replanted as they are into small containers, either indoors or on the balcony!
– JARD’INPOT exists in various sizes. 10 varieties of aromatic plants and baby greens are already available, and many more will follow!

LED lamp

gamme jardin easy


The LED lamp: essential for indoor growing

– The Jard’Ineasy LED is the result of 10 years of horticultural R&D
– The first LED grow light designed for city-dwellers
– A custom-made LED, available in 2 sizes
– Optimal light frequency for growing aromatic plants and vegetables
– Optimal lighting conditions, covering a surface area of 20×20 cm (15 W) or  40×40 cm (40 W).
– The Jard’Ineasy LED offers a long-term solution, with a lifespan of 10 years (running time of 15 h/day),

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JARD’INPOT®: The 1st ready-to-germinate, all-in-one product, designed for city-dwellers!