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Our vision of urban farming

The Barge

péniche atalante florentaise

The barge Atalante is dedicated to urban farming. It is a place for sharing ideas and having fun, and also brings together city-dwellers and local farmers.

  • An urban farm on a barge
  • A concept store that proposes a range of products designed specifically for urban agriculture
  • Boxes of locally-grown organic fruit and vegetables


gamme jard'ineasy

Jard’Ineasy® is a  range of indoor cultivation products, designed for city-dwellers!

Florentaise’s concept is simple: growing food in the city requires a new approach. Florentaise has risen to this challenge by developing a range of products designed specifically for city dwellers! No more products that fail to meet the demands of urban gardening. Enter the simplicity of the all-in-one Jard’Ineasy system. With Jard’Ineasy, everyone will want to grow aromatic plants and lettuce in their own homes…

Plant Tower

tour végétale florentaise

The JARD’INEASY plant tower is a REAL urban farm that adapts to any environment!

The facts speak for themselves; the world population is growing, and there is no longer enough farmland to feed everyone. Urban farms can provide part of the solution by providing high-quality food, produced by city-dwellers for city dwellers. Our tower is no longer simply a project; it has become a reality!